HTML Formating Elements

Below are HTML Formatting Elements

i)      <b>  or <strong> Tag 

                    <b>    This is a bold tag              </b>
            <strong>    Here comes strong One  </strong>

 These both tags look like same while watching . But Strong Tag is preferred in Modern Web Development.

ii)  <i >  or <em> Tag

                       <i>  I tag for italic format        </i>

                   <em> em is  Emphasized text     </em>
These both tags are used to make line italic format type but <em> is preferred

  iii)  u  & ins Tag

u Tag is used to underline something


<p>  This is a important  <u>  element  </u>

<p>  This is a important  <ins>  element  </ins> 

ins Tag is preferred in modern web development

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