Which Field Has More Scope

Scope is one of most ridiculous words  I have ever heard .

Why we think of scope ?
Why question of scope comes in our mind ?

Why we think of scope ?

When  a kid starts walking or talking , only thing comes in our mind is " Send this innocent creation to school " .

Why school ?

The Only answer of this question is ,   he/she will learn and earn .

But after crossing few classes . A new thing jumps in and disturbs . And name of that thing is scope .

People start asking , do this it has more scope , do this it has more .... and blaw blaw .

But Reality is  , Scope is just a ridiculous word . 

Word  " Scope "   has no value . Value is only of Men's effort . How much effort he/she puts in that specific thing .   

So coming back to  topic . We run behind scope for more earning . But scope even donot  pay us a single rupee . Scope only offers us an ordinary job ,  With an ordinary salary . 

What pays us  , is our passion . Passion takes time But it lasts .   Do what ever you want to do , Just remember one  thing . Just do that in perfect way .

Even a simple  fruit seller can earn more than you if he sells with passion

So it is your passion , not scope how helps you to earn/ learn more .
Please donot run behind things that looks cool . Their  coolness exists with you  !

Scope varies from person to person , place to place , but only one thing remains same  and that thing is " You " .If you are good at  something . It will rise you up at any place , on any location .

Run behind your goals , not behind things people are running .

If you are good in cooking , go and cook , if you are good in sports , go and do give some extraordinary performance  .

But one thing, Do somethng extraordinary  otherwise you have to run behind that stupid scope .

Ask yourself a question , on which thing you are good  and fall in love with that thing .. .!

Which field has more scope ?
Ans :
How many of you are famaliar with the field below , This field has more scope than others.
" That field is inside you , That field is written by you , that field is created by you , its you not the field that will help you to achieve sucess "

Follow a goal and do something extra ordinary .