Other Side of Story

Once a father was doing some work  and his little princess was disturbing him ,
After some time father decided to  apply a trick,

He took a page  and on that page , world map was printed  ,  He turned that page into pieces and asked his daughter to go and  put them together .

He thought that she will not be able to put these pieces together and he will be able to do his work.
His Daughter went out of room and came back after few minutes with a proper map

Father was shocked , he was not expecting these results from a little kid .

On asking how she did that
Little girl replied " that Page has 2 sides , on one side , world map was printed while on other side , picture of man was printed . I just corrected the man's picture and she again ran  out of room  leaving his dad shocked/


There are many ways to solve a problem . Your task is to look at every possible way and you will find solution of your problem . 
Everthing  thing which exists , have many faces , don't just believe on what you are seeing