Is Programming hard ?

Many Times , I hear Programming is hard .
Yes it is , but it is not

Nothing is hard .Try try and try again

 Programming is hard ,
But you can turn this hard thing into easy one by few steps.

Simple ways to start programming .. .!

First , for new Students , Learning a new concept or topic is irritating , But you can solve this big problem in a simple way .

i) Read a topic , implement its code , even if you don’t know what is happening in that topic . Yes it is irritating ,

So take some rest and come back again after 10 minutes , again read and again type code (you will feel better ;) )
ii) try to use words , you love , like while typing a word ,

int a;
instead of this , try this

int BMW;

int food ;

void HeyBeautifull()

class Pizza

Choose words you love , it will help you to do  some more programming .

iii) Try to clear your concepts by watching online tutorials , by searching on google / quora  / stackoverflow  , by reading different books , by  asking  question until someone who is answering  get disturbed

Also a very common Confusion

Many times ,  People says , From where to Start .
As this question is really confusing , but i have a simple answer

Let say , we are in jungle  and you don't know where to go

You have 2 options

i) Sit where you are and wait for some help . But question is , how will come for your help?
No one . So you will die after some days

ii)  You try to get out of this problem . You start walking in any direction  . Does't matter in which  direction . I am 100% sure you will walk in wrong direction but as a result you will be able to know which direction is wrong  and which is right . So you will be able to find right path and you will get out of this problem

Same    goes for programming . Wasting your time in thinking "  what to do   " is dangerous . Start from one end , does't matter from which language , just start , and you will find your way .

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