3- Data types in C#

In this Lecture I am going to discuss data types in c# . Its just a short lecture because i am not interested in boring you . In this lecture you will learn the difference between class and structure data type in c#  ,  what is int data type  , double  data , char data type , string data type and at the end var data type in c sharp or c#  . You will also learn use of function GetType() in c# .   The aim of this lecture is to just give you quick introduction . Later we will discuss these data types  in detail by using them as practical is a best way .

Topics Include :
i) Difference between classes and structures in c#
ii)  Difference between value type and reference type in c#

iii) Differnce between float and double , uint and int

iv) Overview of int , char  , struct , class , var  , double  , GetType() function

Youtube Link :   https://youtu.be/iVMPt4vABtw


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